Who Am I

AUTHOR | SPEAKER | COACH & MENTOR To Women Of Faith Using Christ Principles

Magdalina Sylvain originally from New York, now residing in Orlando, FL, is the author of How I lied My Way To The Altar And Now I’m Happily Married.

She is a compassionate, enthusiastic motivator, Ministry Leader, and speaker, inspiring Christian women who are frustrated and discouraged just as she was, and believe they will never make it to their altar!

During Magdalina’s Journey to find her “Bad Boy Christian” she had to overcome many serious heartbreaks that occur when dating all while striving to be a good Christian woman.

Magdalina found herself alone with no one available that could relate to her trials or encourage her by letting her know that she was still worthy of finding love and getting married.

Magdalina was able to overcome some deceptions that were holding her back using some simple principles she discovered on her journey and was able to attract her “Bad Boy Christian” she thought would never surface within a year.

Magdalina is now happily married to her “Bad Boy Christian” Dudley Sylvain and has two beautiful girls named Laila-Amber and Liya-Angelique.

While meeting with women from all over the country, Magdalina discovered there were many who were struggling with the same issues she had and was able to help, encourage and guide them through her story.

She now uses those principles to help support and encourage Christian women to overcome their deceptions which will position them to get to their “Altar”!

Magdalina’s goal is to create a community of women who are striving in ALLwayz to Remain Enlightened about who they truly are and Defeat their Deceptions holding them back from getting to their “Altars”