Who Am I

AUTHOR | SPEAKER | COACH & MENTOR To Women Of Faith Using Christ Principles


Magdalina Sylvain originally from New York, now residing in Orlando, FL, is the author of How I lied My Way To The Altar And Now I’m Happily Married” and inspirational coach of The R.E.D.D Fortified Prayer Technique.

She is a compassionate, enthusiastic motivator, speaker, inspirational coach and mentor to women of faith who are frustrated and discouraged just as she was, and believe they will never make it to their “altars” in life.

The “Altar”, as she uses it, actually represents a heartfelt goal or deep desire that you are striving to get to in your life. It can be anything from marriage, to career/ business goals, health/wellness goals or spiritual goals. Your “altar” is whatever that is important to you.


 During Magdalina’s journey she had different “altars” that she wanted to get to that everyone told her she wasn’t good enough or worthy enough for.  

The particular one that she focused on in her book was the “altar” of marriage,  On that journey, she had to overcome many serious heartbreaks that occur when dating all while striving to be a good Christian woman.

Despite the odds that she faced on her walk down the isle to her “Altar”, Magdalina was able to overcome the limited ideas and deceptions that were holding her back from reaching her “Altar” using some powerful principles she discovered along the way. 

With that. she was able to FINALLY attract the love of her life within a year of focusing on these principles. 


 Magdalina is now happily married to her husband Dudley Sylvain and has two beautiful girls named Laila-Amber and Liya-Angelique. She made it to her “Altar”, the family life she so desired since she was a youth, 

And with those same principles, she got to her other “Altars” in life too.

She was able to finish college with her Bachelors in Nursing, become an RN, purchase a house (that her daughter drew on their vision board), write and publish her book. 

Now she is building her business and community, Allwayz R.E.D.D LLC, standing for In All Wayz Remain Enlightened (of who you truly are) & Defeat the Deceptions (that hold you back from getting to your “Altars”).  She speaks all over the country to people about the love of God and being His living testimony.  

Magdalina encourages, inspires and guides by teaching the principles that she learned to Overcome the old “L.I.E.S – the Limited Ideas Entrapped in your Subconscious”.  

And how to Replace those Lies and LIVE FAITHFULLY in your new “L.I.E.S- the Liberating Ideas that Emancipate your Spirit” through her REDD Fortified Prayer Technique so you too can “L.I.E. your way to your Altar” 

Through her story & testimony, witness of the Power of I AM in you.

Magdalina’s goal is to create a community of women who are striving in ALLwayz to Remain Enlightened about who they truly are and Defeat their Deceptions holding them back from getting to their “Altars”