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Who Is Magdalina Sylvain?

AUTHOR | SPEAKER | COACH & MENTOR To Women Of Faith Using Christ Principles
Magdalina Sylvain originally from New York, now residing in Orlando, FL, is the author of How I lied My Way To The Altar And Now I’m Happily Married. She is a compassionate, enthusiastic motivator, Ministry Leader, and speaker, inspiring Christian women who are frustrated and discouraged just as she was, and believe they will never make it to their altar! During Magdalina’s Journey to find her “Bad Boy Christian” she had to overcome many serious heartbreaks that occur when dating all while striving to be a good Christian woman.

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Girl, I Feel You! I Was There. Deeply…

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So there I was.. on a mission to “get the guy”, to find my husband, my “Bad Boy Christian”. I wanted that love so bad! The first thing on my mind waking up in the morning and last thing on my mind going to bed at night was – “where is my husband, my soul mate, the love of my life?”
Yet all I was going through was cycles of constant rejection and heartbreak.
So I know the feeling and what you are going through. I’ve been in many dark places throughout my journey and felt alone along the way.
I Felt That No One Really Understood How I Was Feeling or What I Was Going Through.
With a heavy heart, I was still determined to get out of these cycles.

I felt so alone in this journey, in my desire for my husband, in my frustrations, that I told myself that I would write a book about it once I got my breakthrough so I can help other women breakthrough too. 

(Ever feel like you’ve been through so much you could write a book on it?? Me too.. So I did.) 

I wanted to help others sidestep the heartaches I endured.

Growing up, I wished I had someone who can speak to me spiritually AND practically, someone who would be real with me, someone who’s been through it like I have. Someone who knows the heartbreaks, the joys, the roller coaster of emotions, the desires I have, and how to handle it all.

I wished I had someone who would simply “keep it real” with me so I can learn from real experiences and not just from Bible verses reiterated by people who seemed far removed from my experiences. I can read the bible myself. Their seemingly “Perfect lives” didn’t really resonate with my imperfect reality.
So, I wanted to write an Unabashedly Honest Book for Women who are Going Through What I’ve Been Through and Feel the Way I Felt.
I decided to take the faithful leap and let you in on my “Dirty Laundry” so you can learn, be inspired, build hope and deepen your faith so that you too can get to your “Altar”!

But Most Importantly, 

I Wanted To Write A Book To Be The Ultimate Testamony Of God’s Promises Fulfilled! 

So I began on my journey to write my deeply personal book, “How I Lied My Way To The Altar… And Now I’m Happily Married!”

Here Is The Thing.. 

I Began Writing The Book Before I Even MET My Husband! Before I Even Had A Prospect For A Husband.

I Wrote It In Complete Belief And Faith That I Was Gonna Find My “Bad Boy Christian”.  

(And In That Itself Lies One Of The Secret Principles At Work That You’ll Discover Through My Story.)


When I made some critical mental shifts and practiced certain principles and steps that I discovered on my journey, I finally met my “Bad Boy Christian” 18 months laterIn 3 years we were married, raising 2 beautiful daughters. 
Now 7 years later, I had this message that’s been heavy in my heart. A story I had already committed to paper to share but I buried it.
  See, it all worked. God didn’t lie. I got married to the guy I dreamed of, with children I couldn’t have prayed enough for, yet I found myself at odds of sharing my story because I divulged so many intimate details about my life experiences.
I was scared. I kept thinking to myself, What will everyone think of me? What will my family and friends say? Who am I kidding? What makes me qualified to talk to you? Why should you even listen to me? Letting the world in on the intimate details of my life would be Ultimately Embarrassing!
 That’s when I reminded of how many women are still confused, hurting and growing weary like I was.  That’s Why I HAVE to share my story with you.

I Realized That I Wasn’t Writing A “How To Book” Based On Academic Or Even A Biblical Research On Finding Love & Marriage. I Was Writing My Testimony Of What Actually Worked! My Raw Experiences Qualified And Validated Me. 

The fact that I rose from many dark places gives me a message to share and value to give to those that are truly seeking a their way, so I extend my hand.

Look, I Don’t Claim To Be A Love Guru, NOR Am I A Pastor or Preacher.
I Am a Woman Like You Who’s Been Through It, And Who Through Use of His Principles, I Actually Got What I Wanted So Dearly

I started this book in ABSOLUTE Faith to demonstrate how powerful God truly is and how His principles truly work so women can finally apply it to get what they want. To help them BE who they are truly supposed to BE. To help them break free of their “L.I.E.S” and the vicious cycles that are causing heartache and sleepless nights. I’m here to give hope, inspiration and direction.

Despite my reservations, I finished the last chapter of the book. Today, I humbly share with you my personal story.

YES. I “Lied” My Way To The Altar.. And Now I’m Truly, Happily Married and More.. Find Out How I Did It and How You Can “Lie Your Way To YOUR ALTAR” Too.. (Ethically of Course, lol)

So go ahead and grab a copy of my book “How I Lied My Way To The Altar… Now, I’m Happily Married!” and if you order today you’ll get access to the Ebook version Immediately so you can start reading now PLUS a couple cool Free bonuses too!

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What Others Are Saying About The Book…

“Where to even start with how amazing ”How I lied my way to the altar..” is…

As Magdalina shares not only her experiences but life lessons and advice, this book is giving me the answers that I’ve been asking myself literally my whole life. 
I had always thought that their wasn’t ANYONE out there that could possibly understand what I’ve been through and to my surprise Magdalina does. 
As I read her book I was in awe realizing how much we actually have in common. 
The book is more than what the title says, it actually helps through all aspects of your life, helping you find your soul mate is just the added bonus.
The journey I’m on in my life right now is a bit of a struggle but with the scriptures she mentions in the book I’m able to understand them easily and accept this challenge to help guide me to reconnect with God and put into action the life God has planned out for me.
I love how her book is like a 3 in 1. It’s a combination of a biography, a bible, and a self-help book. It’s pretty amazing how they flow together. 
Honestly I’m all ready for the second one, so I hope she comes out with more 😊 if you haven’t bought the book yet, buy it now  and read it!! 
Trust me you won’t regret it and I’m not just saying that. It will really make you revaluate your life and help you get on the right track if you need it. 
Thank you Magdalina for writing this book and sharing your story with us. 

Angelica R.

“First of all This book is a great read! What I love most about it are the many references to God’s faithful Word! 

I LOVE the Powerful prayers she included and also a glossary of scriptures! 
While reading I couldn’t help but feel that this book was confirmation that THE POWER OF PRAYER IS REAL!! 
Not only could I relate to the author when it comes to desiring to be married but I can relate to her in believing that my career goals will come to fruition no matter how long it takes. 
This book is truly WAY more than relationship advice! 
You can use the reference to God’s Word in soooo many different ways and situations that require patience, obedience to God and unwavering Faith! 
GET THIS BOOK ! IF you have been praying for something and hoping for something, no matter how big or small, THIS BOOK will definitely help you keep the faith by giving you facts from the word of God and the authors living testimony! 
I am so happy for you Magdalina Sylvain! Thank you for your testimony! It reminds me of How awesome I know God is!”

– Taniya J.

“I read it four times and counting! This book is what every girl needs. 


It’s inspiring, edifying, and super REALISTIC. 

I’ve never in my life had a woman open up and share information as intimately as Magdalina does in this book. It opened my eyes. 
It made me realize how the fear of judgement or criticism could inhibit the growth of another. 
It was straight forward and contains the message that God wants to get across to us, and does, through this book. What Magdalina says really sticks.” 

– Anne D.

“This novel is a heartwarming autobiography which is so exciting that, as you are reading it, you want to know what happens next as Magdalina journeys to find love and happiness. 

Her references to the Bible demonstrate how her faith in God and love for Him (both in her mind and in her heart) helped her and sustained her through her most difficult struggles. 
The novel shows how Magdalina self-reflected on her experiences and then in turn, she tells her audience how they too can use the bible (just as she did) to help them get through any difficult experience.” 

– Ebony T.

A great and simple read, both heart-wrenching and joyful at the same time. 
Both Magdalina and her book are beautiful and inspiring! 
The book offers a true testament that the darkest times turn to light with love, patience, and above all—faith. Those looking for love and those who have already found it can truly relate to not only the suffering in the journey of life but also the experiences of love, peace, and eternal happiness!

– Keli A.

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