Have you ever took a bite into some fruit and it was bitter? 

I have and it just threw off my tastebuds. Then I would be disappointed because I was expecting sweet fruit! 

Some people see taking a step back or a moment of stillness as a sign of weakness, or inconsistencies.

I see it as a sign of wisdom (as long as your moving forward towards your dream).

There is a time to sow the seed (imagining your vision and writing it clearly).

There’s a time to water the seed (put action to that vision, have a plan for the vision).

A time to see the seed sprout (see the vision take root then manifest into reality). 

In this stage the wise one knows the fruits are not ripe yet so she/he continues to water the vision.

And then there is the time for the Harvest!! 

Enjoy where your seed (vision) is right now. 

Yes, I know that harvest (blessing) is needed, but what sense would it make to take the fruit before it’s riped. The taste (vision) will be bitter because it’s not ready yet! If you harvest to early, it will ruin your tastebud (vision). 

Planting the seed (vision), watering the seed (vision), waiting and watching the seed  (vision) grow is a necessary processes! 

Waiting and patience is a necessary process! 

FRUIT TASTE SO MUCH BETTER SWEET, and that takes time! 

God guarantees your  Harvest (success) Right on time just don’t stop taking care of your crop (vision)!

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