About 7 1/2 years ago I found myself living with my boyfriend and the father to my 3 year old daughter without the wedding ring on my finger. 

I asked myself how did I get here? I prayed for a husband not a live in boyfriend/baby daddy. 

I finally did everything right to meet him and here I am 3 years later, living in sin against the will of God because it went against what I felt in my heart was right. 

I had let fear sneak back in and the desire of having a man around as well as the father of my child living with us cloud my judgement. 

Once again because FEAR was dictating my decision and Not God “THIS LIFE STYLE HAD BECOME MY IDOL!

I had a choice to make! I chose God! 

I stepped out on faith and gave Dudley Sylvain a loving ultimatum!  

I say loving because once people hear the word ULTIMATUM they think there was anger/strife threats.  No, the ultimatum was based on confidence in who I knew I was in God and what I had prayed for and this was not it.  

Understand this, the ultimatum was really not for Dudley Sylvain but for me. How much did I trust God and myself to make a decision that could change my life as well as my daughters.

The Ultimatum was according to the measure of faith I had in God “myself since GOD LIVES IN ME”  and knowing that what ever the outcome it will work out for the best! 

Thankfully Dudley chose me 😜😜 and tomorrow will mark our 7 year anniversary.

I ask you what measure of faith do you have in God “Yourself”… because where you are right now is based on the measure of FAITH you have. 


Magdalina Sylvain