Are you one of those women who refuses to commit to plans so that you will be available just in case he calls?

If you are no need to be ashamed.  Join the millions of other women who do the same…

One time on my birthday I turned down dinner with my father and hanging out with my sister just so that when my boyfriend at the time did call I would be able to see him.

Yes, on my birthday. The sad thing was he did not call until late that night and I never got to see him! 😢

needless to say, I wasted tears and my whole day on someone who was undeserving and I thought cared for me. Someone who claimed they loved me.

Waiting on a man was one of the self-destructive patterns I had to get rid of before I met my husband.

Besides men do not like women that are so available

it’s a TURN OFF!

one of the things I did to overcome this bad habit was spending more time with my friends and family. Putting them first and not some guy I was dating.

I also kept my options open when it came to dating instead of just focusing on the one I really liked.  (There’s always that one we like the most) Those are just a couple of things you can do instead of waiting around.

I have more examples in my book “How I Lied My Way To The Altar And Now I’m Happily Married.

The key is to recognize your destructive patterns and focus on removing them from your life by replacing those patterns with healthy ones.

Do you know the self-destructive patterns that you do in a relationship that may be a reason he does not stick around?

Stop waiting around wasting your precious time hoping he calls. Instead spend that time to improve and build yourself, Love yourself and love others.

When you do that then someone will be willing to Love you!

Your Time is so precious! Don’t wait another minute!

“If we hadn’t wasted all this time, we could have gone and returned twice by now.”

Genesis 43:10 NLT


Magdalina Sylvain