My name is Magdalina Sylvain. Sylvain is my married name and God and everyone who knew me before marriage knows how bad I wanted to get married. But, you’ll find out about all that drama later. For now, I wanted to personally welcome you to my Allwayz R.E.D.D blog/vlog page. (Remain Enlightened & Defeat Deception). This name means a lot to me. I love the color red so I prayed and prayed and asked God to bless me with an acronym that would point all eyes back to him as well as have the ability to start a movement for Christian women. Guess what? He did! So I guess it’s not my blog/vlog it yours as well ?!

I’m sure you’ve already figured it out by now, I am a God-fearing woman who became born again at the age of 21. That was a changing point in my life. To tell you the truth if it were not for that very special day I would not be sitting down writing this welcome page! So to God, I give all the glory!

As I already shared with you I love love, love the color red as well as the color black and white. So much so, when I got married those were our wedding colors. Yes, “I’s Married” if you don’t know that’s a famous line from one of my favorite moves The Color Purple. Getting married was no easy task. First, I had to find a man that even recognized me as being “worthy” whatever that is since everyone’s meaning of worthiness differs. Growing up I was sold on the fact that finding love and getting married would be simple according to Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. However, as a black woman, I was really able to relate with The Huxtables. All of Cosby’s daughters found love so easily. I just knew one day I would grow up, go to college, become a professional “something’ and find my one true love. I was praying someone would love me the way Clarence loved Alabama in another one of my favorite moves “True Romance’. As you can see I enjoy watching movies. (Okay, back to the story), focus. But, as I got older I found that finding love was not as easy as I thought.

When I was 16 years old my older sister got married and at that very moment, I decided to look for a husband too. Instead of finding love I found heartbreaks and constant rejection. I share all that juicy stuff in my tell-all book How I Lied My Way To The Altar And Now I’m Happily Married. Trust me when I tell you I go share it all in my book.

The reason I decided to write my book was that none of the relationship books I read gave me the answers that I was looking for which was the stuff that happens when dating, the slip up’s (sex) and what to do as a Christian woman. I would feel worthless and thought I was going to hell because of all my imperfections. So God put it in my heart to share my story to inspire you while you search for your God-fearing husband. I will help you fill in the in-betweens.

What’s awesome is that I’m not a Pastor nor do I claim to be a relationship Guru. So I was able to tell you EVERYTHING and not hold back (understandably as a Pastor) so you would be able to relate with my stories. What I do have is real-life experiences that many women face when dating that I was able to overcome. And trust me, I have seen and been through plenty!

I met my husband by following some basic principles of changing my thought process and applying some actions. (Although I did not realize what I was doing at the time).  My main goal was to meet my bad boy Christian but, of course, God had a deeper plan for me… Little did I know my journey would lead me to create a system that would help women overcome their deceptions! (WE call it “breaking free from your web of L.I.E.S).

I am a compassionate enthusiastic motivator and love, love, love God. I am lead by the spirit and not by flesh ((But, just like you I have to work at this one because I love me some chocolate). I use the gifts that God has given me to inspire women in all areas of life. So, come on this journey with me and allow me to share my tools with you so that you can become your AMAZING YOU and lie your way to your Altar!

My Mission is to post videos or blogs that will cover anything I believe will help transform you, inspire you and get your thoughts inline to help attract your husband as well as anything else in life. My schedule is pretty hectic so my goal is to post twice a week Sundays and Thursday so make sure you follow my blog so that you can get updates on my newest message.

I also would love to hear about your stories good or bad, how you overcame your obstacles as well as what you would like me to talk about. This blog is for you and I will not know what you want unless you let me know ?

I look forward to getting to know you and I pray that in ALL Wayz You Remain Enlightened & Defeat Deception